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Want Your Zing For Life Back?

Are you living your life for other people, wanting their approval, always putting their needs before your own?
Then you need to learn to value yourself and reclaim your life and live with purpose – and start putting yourself back at the top of the list!
Get ‘unstuck’ and bring some magic back in your life!

As a life coach, I can work with you to help you re-discover a sense of happiness, excitement and fulfilment.

With a background of over 25 years reading people’s tarot cards I’ve learnt that life starts to feel stuck and stressful for people when they drift away from focussing on their own goals.
I realised that a one-off tarot reading wasn’t enough to help many of the people who came to me hoping I’d tell them life was going to change – or the ‘other person’ was going to change – and everything would get better.
Some of my clients seemed hell-bent on always putting someone else’s needs first – even when that person was not only taking them for granted, but in many cases abusing them without them realising it!

I always tried to empower anyone who came for a tarot reading because I passionately believe we each create our own reality with our own thoughts and expectations. The trouble was many who came for a reading were totally unaware that they were habitually contributing to their own situations. Instead, they believed it was happening ‘to’ them and they were seeking an escape, hoping the tarot reading would act like a magic wand.

So I shifted more towards life coaching, still incorporating some tarot to help ‘think outside the box’.
I know there is magic in this wonderful universe and it can become part of your life again, but it needs your active cooperation.

As a life coach, I can work with you to help you regain control of your life, develop confidence in yourself and re-discover a sense of happiness and fulfilment. Learn to put yourself back in charge of your life!

My Style of Life Coaching

The area of coaching I am most passionate about is helping people discover the core beliefs which influence their thinking patterns which control how they feel and react. Often there are opposing desires and beliefs at work which have become so familiar over the years that they aren’t aware that these conflicting beliefs are preventing them from being happy.
I myself spent a good number of my earlier years with self-sabotaging beliefs, having grown up in a family environment of violence and verbal abuse. I have some considerable experience of the kind of damage, in terms of lack of self-belief, that these issues can cause.

I also know, from personal experience, that self-destructive patterns can be overcome without expensive counselling or endless introverting therapy sessions.
Learning to feel valued was easy in some areas of my life, but devastatingly lacking in others. That’s often the case. It’s not unusual to find people who are super confident in one area of life whereas in another area their life is profoundly empty or painful.
It’s not until we find a healthy balance that works for each of us, based on our true needs, that we can feel good about ourselves.
It’s not much good being super rich and amazingly successful in business, yet being mistrusting, unhappy and lonely in relationships. Where’s the joy in that?

You Can Change – and Choose Where Your Life Goes.

It is possible to change old patterns, even if you’ve tried many times and got nowhere. Even if you’ve reached the point of giving up and giving in, settling for less.
Sometimes it can feel like you are making the same mistakes over and over, much as you might try to change things for the better. 

You think you’re making progress, only to fall back and feel a victim of external forces, maybe other people’s behaviours or life circumstances, which you perceive are beyond your control.
Something always seems to be getting in the way of your happiness … You feel jinxed, destined to attract the same old failures.
You so badly want to make life work positively and you try, not just for yourself, but for the benefit of those around you too. So it’s not for lack of best intentions that you fail to achieve what your heart desires.
So what is causing this sabotage? Is it truly external events that are to blame – or could it be you are unwittingly self-sabotaging the results you so dearly crave?

This is a healthy question to ask – for it is only in the asking that you can at least open yourself up to finding answers.
Instead of constantly blaming other people or outside circumstances when life ‘lets you down’, which constantly reinforces a victim mentality, you can learn to ask the right questions to get answers which will empower you and give you a new understanding of yourself and how to be happy in life.

A Different Way to Think About Life.

A lot of the patterns that are entrenched in our minds are simply the result of habit. Habits in the way we think, speak and act.
There may be old reasons why we thought a certain way and made certain choices in our past which served us well back then. But now they are outdated; they are no longer serving a positive end and could now unwittingly actually be the cause of our self-sabotage.

Discovering these old reasons (and some might be very old) and looking at the choices we made then and how they served us in the past can be a positive experience.
Then, from our current viewpoint, we re-evaluate those beliefs and thinking patterns based on up-to-date situations and current needs.
This process in itself can be enlightening and lead to much greater freedoms. Freedom to choose new ways of thinking and doing things… and feel happy! In effect, a whole new lease of life!
It is nonetheless a journey which requires changes in how we think, speak and of course act.
Wanting change is one thing; making it happen requires action.
It can sometimes feel like one step forwards, then one step backwards. Understanding old behaviour and thought patterns is the first major step to change. Yet, trying to change those habits all in one go is not easy.

Does any of this resonate with you?

To achieve lasting success it often needs some things done in a certain order. After an optimistic start and in order to avoid slipping backwards it helps to have support whilst you go through the process of change and build new confidences.

Life coaching provides a safe, supportive relationship with a coach who helps you look at things from outside the limitations of your habitual thinking.
Someone to help you keep on track and help you stay focused on your positive aspects. To remind you of your self-worth.

Discover the benefits of Life Coaching