Mind Sanctuary Cloak

Choose Your Influences Wisely

A long time ago I learned a technique which has served me well over the years. I created a mind sanctuary – a mental space and stress-free zone where I can re-group and reframe my thoughts and feelings and feel nurtured and renewed.
It works as a protective capsule and also as my creative laboratory! I call it my Golden Mother of Pearl Bubble.

I have retreated to this space whenever my confidence or self-esteem has taken a beating. It’s where I go to regenerate.

It exists in my imagination. Initially, I spent time on its design and I created my own personal ritual around its use. I made my bubble beautiful with a multi-coloured shimmer of mother of pearl and I cloaked it in a protective gold mist. I then find a quiet place and then imagine myself inside my bubble. I can summon it at will, anytime, anyplace.

When I’m inside my bubble I psychologically enter into my own world which has a direct line to the infinite. Inside I feel nurtured, protected; it‘s a space I can retreat to and be healed.
It’s also my creative workshop because inside my bubble there is magic, love and infinite possibilities. My Bubble is available for me at any time, like putting on a magical cloak. I can create anything inside my bubble and I’m not dependent on anyone else for my happiness.

For me, a bubble made sense, aesthetically beautiful and also transparent so I could look out, but at the same time be shielded by a precious gold mist which made it invisible to others, so I always have privacy. I could float anywhere I chose, rising high and getting a clearer, bigger perspective and connecting to the Universe and infinite wisdom.
To some this may all sound a bit woo-woo, but don’t knock it until you try it!

Your mind sanctuary may be different. It could be a glade surrounded by trees with a gentle breeze and the sun shining down, or a mountaintop high above the clouds where eagles soar. Or it could just be the perfect safe room in your mind where everything is there to support you, a bit like Dr Who’s Tardis. It will be a place where you feel safe, untouched and able to cleanse and purify as well as tap into your creative potential.

Sadly, too many people today retreat into a screen, the tv, computer, phone, and lose themselves in a fantasy creation made by someone else. This may temporarily distract from any stress or allow you to live out your frustrations through the characters on screen. But it is not your creativity you are using. You are immersed and being moulded by someone else’s role models who may inadvertently encourage you into areas of behaviour you might not have consciously chosen.

When we are vulnerable we can too easily be blinded by ‘quick fix’ ideas and become much more easily influenced by the advice and opinions of others. Choose your influences wisely!

When you create a mind sanctuary you are not dependent on an outside source to give you an outlet for relief. You are in control. So, think about it … what kind of space can you imagine where you’d feel master of your mind and your future?

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